Trimble SiteVision

More efficiency, less risk 
By combining the real and digital worlds, SiteVision helps contractors visualize data. By using projects in a real-world context, users can quickly navigate complex diagrams and drawings, validate designs, and reveal hidden objects to avoid costly mistakes and accidents. A clear understanding of the progress of work at the site allows you to coordinate the activities of different teams and reduces the likelihood of unforeseen errors.





  • The removable sun shade allows you to see the screen better.
  • Data visualization based on location by switching between a 3D object view and a 2D top view.
  • Simultaneous viewing of terrain and plan with different transparency, adjustable with a slider. 
  • Applications for georeferencing imaging, task management and various types of measurements. 
  • Built-in Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) technology allows measurements on site.  
  • A lightweight, portable handheld device allows you to view data in the context of the area from any angle in scale proportions.